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Multifamily Developers Need to Think Seriously About Cybersecurity

By Kelsi Maree Borland

Security is a critical component that many multifamily developers are overlooking in their internet infrastructure solution.

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Internet security is a major concern. Every year, approximately 111.7 million Americans are the victim of a cybersecurity breach, and cybercrimes overall are on the rise. The trend has encouraged 51% of U.S. corporations to increase cybersecurity spending this year.

And while multifamily owners are focused on speed and access when choosing an internet system, security is just as important a feature, according to Joseph Bea and Zachary Ebner, senior managers of product management at fiber internet company Quantum Fiber. As responsible stewards of housing, multifamily owners must provide a safe space in both the physical world and the digital one.

Thinking Ahead of the Curve

With cybercrimes on the rise, forward-thinking multifamily developers are concerned about security. In an apartment community, residents—along with their WiFi signal and devices—live close to their neighbors. That opens up vulnerabilities, as nearby neighbors can access WiFi connections and tap into personal information on IoT (Internet of Things) devices, like baby monitors and cameras. And when that happens, it can be either purposefully or accidentally.

“Protecting your home WiFi network keeps hackers from controlling devices maliciously, which can happen in an apartment when you are in close proximity,” says Bea. “And as more communities incorporate cloud-connected security features in their buildings and subdivisions, there’s a greater need to keep everyone using these devices protected from outside cyberthreats.”

Ebner notes that the right network infrastructure can give owners and operators a leg up on protecting resident data, as well as their own, from cybercrimes. “That is the huge benefit,” says Ebner. “You don’t have to have a separate network or a separate provider for your on-site business office and your residents.”

Creating a Secure Network

A layered network is the next defense in a cohesive security strategy. For instance, Quantum Fiber notes their Instant 360 WiFi℠ product, which is only available for new development, offers a mesh network that covers an entire unit or home, along with any device present.

“It comes down to the layers of built-in protection provided by the ISP.  Starting at their core network which is delivering internet to the community, an ISP should help protect against DDoS attacks and hackers, making the network safe and reliable,” explains Bea. 

An essential layer for securing a network from cyber breaches is an owned and managed ISP with advanced software. Bea says that with the addition of a cloud-based security system, maintenance costs are reduced because updates happen automatically and without any downtime.

But comprehensive security does more than help stop attacks: it can also prevent them. Quantum Fiber, a Lumen Technologies brand utilizes Black Lotus Labs to help clean the internet. The program monitors billions of websites and programs daily and disrupts 150 potential cyberattacks per month through takedowns and notifications. This proactive technology combined with the cloud-based security measures are helping create a high level of network security. 

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