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Home developers and HOA’s are bulking up on NOI growth.

Home developers and HOA’s are bulking up on NOI growth.

A bulk internet agreement is between an internet service provider ISP and a developer or HOA. The ISP offers a multi-year bundle of internet services at a monthly rate—enough to service communities for years. And like anything purchased in bulk, there are advantages to the buyer (developer or HOA), primarily, an exceedingly competitive price.

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Bulking up on NOI growth. The residential rental market.

Bulking up on NOI growth. The residential rental market.

Imagine this scenario. You can justify higher rents, attract longer-term residents, and sustain high occupancy rates, even in today’s market. Plus, the value of your multifamily property increases. All without a dime of capital investment in facility upgrading or remodeling your units. The figures on both your income statement and balance sheet can show improvement. And, not coincidentally, so does your net operating income (NOI).

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Essential information for today’s multifamily industry, including cybersecurity, supply chain strategies, and consumer trends


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