Sustainability: Fiber can help builders and community managers meet today’s environmental challenges

By Alice LaPlante

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Call it green growth. Spurred into action by new research and global environmental concerns, multifamily dwelling builders and community managers are increasingly focused on sustainable practices when developing and maintaining multifamily housing developments.

What do residents want?

Consumers are asking to live sustainably. Last year, the IBM Institute for Business Value found that 93% of consumer global respondents said the pandemic had influenced their views on sustainability. This has increased significantly in just one year.

Another IBM study found that more than half (51%) of consumers say environmental sustainability is even more important to them today than it was 12 months ago. In 2021, IBM discovered that half of consumers said they would be willing to pay a premium for a sustainable brand. But this year, 49% of consumers have put their money where their mouths are: They’ve actually paid premiums—averaging 59% or more—for products branded as sustainable or socially responsible.

For communities and builders, creating and maintaining sustainable housing requires conserving scarce resources, more reuse and recycling, better reliability, less maintenance, and greater user satisfaction.

Why is fiber a good solution?

A white paper by Europacable found Fiber-GPON as the most energy-efficient technology because of its relatively low energy consumption, long lifespan, and future capabilities. This minimizes ecological damage to the planet for the following reasons:

  • Energy efficiency: Fiber uses five times less energy than copper by transmitting data using less than one watt to send data over 300 meters using light.  A landmark study by The American Consumer Institute said more than 1 billion tons of greenhouse gasses could be eliminated by a more general adoption of fiber.
  • Longer lifespan: Fiber lasts longer than other broadband technologies. Once fiber has been put into place, it can be functional for 30 to 50 years. This means that fiber needs to be replaced much less frequently than other alternatives, dramatically reducing its environmental impact and generating far less waste for landfills.
  • Faster speeds: By delivering faster speeds than other broadband technologies, fiber enables users to download and upload data more quickly, reducing the amount of time that devices need to be connected to the network—and in turn, energy consumption as well.
  • Less electromagnetic interference: Fiber does not produce electromagnetic interference, which can interfere with other devices and increase energy consumption.

Choosing the right technology is half of the solution. Now it’s time to choose an internet service provider that is committed to sustainability.

Quantum Fiber is the answer

Portrait of a successful young man sitting in the armchair in the modern green building lobby and working on his laptop.

According to John Poelking, Tech, Media and Telecom Research Manager at Comperemedia, “creating a sustainable internet ecosystem is essential to enhancing customers’ long-term relationships with their internet service providers.” (Source: Comperemedia, Q2 2023 Internet Predictions, 2023).

Top of the class residential production solutions like Quantum Fiber Connected Communities instant internet activation technology provides homes and apartments with modems equipped with pre-wired fiber internet. Residents can self-activate their service instead of scheduling in-person installation appointments.

Plus, Quantum Fiber customers can conveniently access 24/7 online self-management or support, access account information through paperless billing, and stay informed on sustainable living with social and blog content. All this is good news for the environment, as fewer truck rolls consume less fuel, among other resources.

At Quantum Fiber, a Lumen Technologies brand, we are obsessed with solving customer problems. This obsession is driven by our purpose: To further human progress through technology. By partnering with the builders and planners through our Quantum Fiber brand, we can help them incorporate environmental sustainability principles and practices. Read more in Lumen’s ESG Annual report.

It is important to choose a fiber internet partner that is committed to meeting the needs residential living builders, managers and customers today and into the future. Lumen and our Quantum Fiber brand will continue to work with strategic partners like you to enhance our solutions portfolio and better meet customer needs.

Contact a Quantum Fiber Connected Communities expert today to learn about sustainable connectivity solutions tailored to your multifamily community.

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