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Master-planned communities (MPCs) aren’t feasible for everyone. But the people seeking them out expect a world of new and extensive amenities–and are willing to pay for them. Despite the premium, new home sales in the Top 50 master-planned communities tend to show greater resilience to and recovery from housing market corrections than the overall new home market, according to a recent report from John Burns Consulting. Homes in MPCs have a deep track record of outperforming homes outside an MPC for reasons based on everyday expenses, amenities, location, schools, and safety.

Now there’s ultra-fast 8-gig fiber

A joint Fiber Broadband Association and RVA LLC survey showed that fiber providers are now at 63 million fiber broadband passings, up 13 percent over the previous 12 months and 27 percent over the previous 24 months. RVA forecasts fiber-to-the-home growth of more than $125 billion over the next five years. And now there’s multi-gigabit fast internet being rolled out by Tier 1 internet service providers because of a leap in technology advancement.

By leveraging the fiber global network backbone of Lumen Technologies, the parent company of Quantum Fiber, the company is placing XGS-PON technology at optical line terminals to create a passive optical network which produces symmetric multi-gig capabilities. Quantum Fiber service is up to 8 symmetrical gigabits. That is 40 times faster than the average advertised U.S. download speed. (Based on the weighted average advertised U.S. data connection download speed of participating Internet Service Providers of 193.9 Mbps. FCC Measuring Fixed Broadband Eleventh Report, December 2021.) With an agreement with our Connected Communities team, the installation includes a permanent network interface and router at the premises that is separate from the customer’s WiFi, allowing for easy WiFi activations and simple upgrades as technology evolves.

“Our Connected Communities team has been working to align with the Quantum Fiber acceleration in fiber internet advancements”, says Melonie Hooper, senior manager of sales readiness at Quantum Fiber. “Connecting people is important work, and we’re rolling out solutions for residential developers, owners, and property management firms.”

Benefits of 8-gig fiber for master planned communities

The benefits of fiber broadband go far and wide. If dreams and plans were limited by bandwidth speed, bogged-down connectivity, questionable reliability, and security, that should no longer be the case. Next-generation seamless automation and optimal integration of services and features give tomorrow’s technology a chance to become a reality sooner. How can communities use virtual avatars to provide consistent and timely customer service and facility tours? How can autonomous transportation for pick-ups and drop-offs within the community become a service?  What about security detections and community-wide alerts? The ideas can become nearly endless.

A fiber-optic network can easily handle the Internet of Things (IoT) devices present in many modern homes and MPCs. These include home automation systems, security systems, smart appliances, and more. Without a robust connection, these devices can suffer from interruptions and latency issues.

By 2025, the number of connected devices is expected to reach 75 billion, which will open up a world of possibilities for businesses, consumers, and governments alike. This statistic is a testament to the potential of the Internet of Things and its ability to transform the way we live, work, and play.

Homeowners are becoming ever-hungrier for speed and bandwidth as their live-work-play at home lifestyles accommodate more Internet of things (IOT) innovations and digital creature comforts.

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