Fiber internet: what makes it awesome and how to get it

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Today, internet is life. It’s where we connect with friends over a game of Call of Duty and toast our coworkers to a job well done over Zoom. It’s where we download recipes and upload photos to social media. The internet is where we go to play, work, and learn.

As so much of your life happens online these days, you need the internet to work. Every day. Every time. For all your devices. For your whole family. That’s why we built Quantum Fiber. It’s built for speed and reliability; it’s built for you.

In a word, fiber internet is awesome. And we’ll show you how you can get it in your life.

What is fiber internet?

To understand how fiber internet is a total game-changer, let’s look at some other types of internet:

Cable internet: 

Using copper cables originally built for TV signals, cable internet distributes data electronically. These copper wires are bendable, but that also means they’re breakable. Plus, data can only travel so far along a copper cable before it degrades. All that adds up to signal loss, which impacts your internet experience.

5G and Cellular Internet: 

Cellular internet, like 4G and 5G, use radio waves to shuttle information from a tower. The farther away from a tower, the weaker the signal. Cellular signals can also have a hard time penetrating walls or metal structures. There’s a reason you don’t see this technology powering a lot of homes.

Satellite internet: 

You literally have to beam data into space (and back again) to use a satellite. This can increase lag time and the potential for interference and erratic service. Also, installation for new homes and properties can be pricey.

Then there’s fiber internet:

Fiber optic cables form the backbone for this type of internet. Each cable is made up of tiny glass fibers capable of zapping data at (almost) lightspeed. Using light instead of electricity, fiber optic internet helps data travel far and fast.

One glass fiber cable carries multiple services—like internet, video, and voice. Cable, 5G and satellite services do not have this capability. With fiber technology, you’re also less likely to experience service interruptions due to material fragility.

Fiber internet can help you stay connected for all your online activities.

How fast is fiber internet?

It’s pretty mind-blowing to think that fiber internet boasts speeds up to 940 Mbps. But let’s break that down in human-speak.

With internet speeds that fast you can:

  • Binge 4k content on multiple devices
  • Share the internet with multiple devices–easy-peasy
  • Back up your entire hard drive to the cloud, including large photos and videos, in minutes instead of hours
  • Download a 2-hour HD movie in seconds, compared to waiting 30 minutes or more over a traditional internet service
  • Your whole family can dominate games like a boss, work from home, and attend class virtually at the same time—all with unlimited data.

How reliable is fiber internet?

Good news: Quantum Fiber delivers super-fast internet on a trusted network that’s 99.9% reliable—based on network uptime or availability. That’s because the network is built on 100% fiber, offering unlimited data. Also, fiber optic cables aren’t as susceptible to severe weather conditions which helps minimize outages.

That means you can shake off slowdowns and break free from buffering. With Quantum Fiber, you can stream, video chat, game, and download without limits.

How to get fiber internet

So, fiber is pretty great right? Currently, Quantum Fiber is available in several communities in the United States, and we’re expanding every day. To get Quantum Fiber internet, the first step to take is to see if it’s available near you today:

I want fiber internet

When you're working from home, fiber internet helps the whole family stay connected.

In a Quantum Fiber Connected Community, a technician has installed the fiber-optic cable and optical network terminal (ONT) into your home. In addition, the technician will provide a modem and perform a speed test. Speed tests ensure you are receiving the best possible internet speed.

Step two, choose and sign up for your service. Pick the speed tier that’s right for you. Just remember, the more devices you have, the more bandwidth you’ll need for an optimal experience.

You’re almost there!

Finally, it’s time to enjoy the internet you’ve always wanted. You can begin connecting all your WiFi devices using your SSID and password (don’t worry, Quantum Fiber can handle all of them). And you can forget what a buffering wheel looks like or how much time it used to take to download a big file for work!

Visit our Property Managers page for more tips on Quantum Fiber internet benefits for residents. Plus, learn how to earn rewards with the Connected Communities Referral Program (CCRP).

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